The revival of a brand with 400 years of history

The oldest winery in Galicia entrusted us with relaunching their brand with an ambitious oenology project with tens of advertisement actions and a careful technological bet in the process of digital transformation.

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  • Creation and coexistence of the main brand with several sub-brands that complete the oenology project.
  • To recover the essence and tradition of a winery with over 400 years of history.
  • To collaborate with the company in their digitalisation process.
  • Creation and management of online communications.
  • To design a communication strategy for a global project with different public and in several countries.
  • To keep the promise and essence of the brand, adapting it to the modern technologies but with a high artisan part.
  • To be able to compete with a huge competition in the supermarket shelves taking also into account that it is a less known designation of origin.

Respecting the roots

The first crops are dated back to 1608. A huge historical background that was treated with the utmost respect, to combine concepts like tradition, craftsmanship and innovation. In the design process we have taken into account the logical evolution towards the iconic, and the simplification of elements that later will live together with the main brand, Pazo de la Cuesta.

The project develops several wine brands with designation of origin Ribeira Sacra. Also, we have designed logos which act, to some extent, as an institution which offers other services such as catering, hospitality, and events.

A brand identity design for the future

The project Pazo de la Cuesta emerges again after several years of inactivity to face a long-lasting bet with future guarantee. To this extent, we have developed a full corporate user-manual, which sets the basis of the communication, current and future, and where we define from the use and construction of the brands to the tone of voice of Pazo de la Cuesta. Patterns that are in constant review and adapt to the new technological fields.

Tradition and innovation

For the website of Pazo de la Cuesta, we created a customised WordPress theme, where design and programming have been carefully thought for a good organic positioning (SEO).

Tradition and innovation have been the premises over which the design and content of the website have been executed. The website also has an online shop for selling their products and for booking events.

Also, social media has been key in the communication strategy for relaunching the brand. We created content explaining their philosophy every week to create a general knowledge of the brand, creating a lasting impact for them.

The Corporate Identity Manual is, on the other hand, in charge of setting the communication basis in the different advertisement activities, always under the umbrella of the Jungian archetypes that defines them and using the right tone for each environment.

Passion for detail

If there is something that defines the brand Pazo de la Cuesta is the search of excellence in every area – harvest and elaboration, communication and marketing, service, and after-sales.

Every detail has received the utmost care, the different treatments of the logo and its brands are always present even in a subliminal way in many advertisement activities.


Competing in a market as saturated market as the wine market, always respecting a 400 year history, demands creativity and strategy, because many variables come to play, especially when the handicap exists of having a designation of origin that is not so well known as others.

Thanks our work, our client was able to tackle, with plenty of guaranties, the presentation of the brand in front of the most demanding and knowledgeable type of client – the distributors. It is them who must be turned into brand ambassadors to, afterwards, make the product stand out in the shelves and make the consumers fall in love with it. Behind all this there are reporters, which generate a sales script for each one of the areas of the project: The Winery, the wines, the Pazo, the museum and the catering project.



We designed the main brand that gives its name to the winery and to the four first varieties. We are also working in the launch of sub-brands that will cover different wine segments. They will even be ready to compete in international markets, some of them as difficult as the USA’s.

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