Technology and design at the service of the sales’ channels

With such a market saturation, we needed to develop a differentiated strategy in a friendly and creative way. It was a challenge with a strong technological component, where multiple platforms were connected to Hubspot, to communicate and track leads.

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Technology and design at the service of the sales’ channels

Con la saturación del mercado necesitábamos desarrollar una estrategia diferenciada de una manera amigable y creativa. Un desafío con un fuerte componente tecnológico donde varias plataformas se conectan a Hubspot para realizar comunicaciones y seguimiento de leads.

  • Designing solutions to establish a strong presence in the international real estate market within the luxury properties segment.
  • Creating a sales strategy able to stand out from the competition and the various selling points in common with other real estate developments in the Marbella area.
  • Improving the visual connection between the brand and its target audience.
  • To connect several platforms with a single CRM, and to automate the sales funnel for their different segments within their target audience.
  • To create a synergy for the interaction between the different stakeholders through a constant communication tool.
  • To reach potential clients with an average spending power of +1 million Euros, keeping them engaged and making them fall in love with the project.

Unique user experiences

From the greenfee prices in the nearby golf courses, to the departure time of the next flight at the local airport. With small details like these we created a fully customised user experience taking into account the customer characteristics, interests, and needs.

  • After 12 months, the system’s AI managed over 400 profiles with different information in each case, in a fully automated way.
  • 500 email variants were composed to offer customised content according to the preferences tagging of the client.
  • Customisation of the Hubspot system to hold information from three different sources and send it to a sales funnel of seven stages.


As part of our commitment, we were able to address some of the more complex aspects related with the workflows of Ocean View, and a sales process unique in the real estate industry.

The challenge was huge, but the job doesn´t end with the deliverables. Imagen went with the sales team to training sessions, refining each process until achieving the ideal tool. The numbers speak for themselves!

We measured success not only by deposits on the properties, but also through different KPIs that allowed us to balance the various products and to know the intentions of the different users, being able to turn them into leads. We then made sure we kept those leads activated, engaged, and captivated with the product.



of the leads interact with the platform three times before the commercial contact.


Emails pre-designed that automatically send to the leads


410 %

increase in conversion rate thanks to the channel optimisation and the implementation of automatic processes across the sales channel.

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Each case is unique and specific and every new development competes in a particular segment, with specific characteristics. A French customer has different requirements compared to a Swedish customer. A Spaniard is looking for a different product than a German. Wouldn’t it be logical, then, to create a specific campaign taking into account the needs of each of your customers? Defining a strategy, analyzing the market, and setting objectives is always the starting point for us.