After 25 years
of a veeeery long history.

We have worked with hundreds of companies, from small local businesses to multinational companies listed on the Stock Exchange, creating brands and products that people use, consume, and love.

  • Abantos Hills

    Real estate development of four luxury villas. With Abantos we inherited a project that wasn´t working but we achieved the goal of selling three 4 million euros villas in 26 months.

  • Acacia 26

    When design, technology and cutting-edge architecture come together, projects as exciting as Acacia 26 are born . This important single family home project became a trend in all the interior design magazines. We created the branding, full digital presence of the project and the sales catalogue.

  • Adiós Bichitos

    There is not such a thing as a small project, and this is a great example of how a rebranding and a well-managed campaign can make a company grow enough to become a business franchise model.

  • Airus Homes

    We love complex real estate solutions, we actually enjoy them! When our clients want the impossible, we flourish and create applications that allow the user to connect and customise all their platforms thanks to custom programming solutions and connectivity between third-party tools and their own website.

  • Alabardero

    La Taberna del Alabardero was one of the first restaurants that had international culinary recognition. And Imagen was there, helping with creative solutions and a location strategy for their outdoor advertising.

  • Alanda Properties

    The real estate market is full of technological challenges. It is difficult to fulfill the needs of the customer with ready-to-use applications for CRM or web design. Thanks to our amazing IT team, we have been able to combine several data sources (Resales + Imoba), in just one website, as well as creating specific filters adapted to the requirements of the client.

  • Alcazaba Beach

    A leader in the management of holiday apartments in Estepona. We created a complex booking engine and a full upgrade of their online presence.

  • Alife Marbella

    One of those companies that thanks to their good work are set to be a top real estate business in the difficult market of Málaga and Costa del Sol. Their customers enjoy a 360º global service and our mission is to translate this business philosophy into an ambitious online project.

  • Andalucía with me

    When you offer such special and personalised products, you need imaginative and powerful solutions. For this travel agency in Marbella we developed their whole online presence, from website programming to the connection of a customized payment gateway or the connectivity with travel databases.

  • Anticipa

    Anticipa trusted us with several real estate developments in Costa del Sol to the point of us becoming one of their official partners. For them we have developed Caprice Marbella, Sensara Costa del Sol, and Río Real Marbella, offering a comprehensive service with a strong digital component.

  • Asset Folio

    We designed an outdoor advertising campaign with enclosure of their most prominent projects. An efficient production, strategy, and brand positioning work.

  • Atalaya Views

    The synergies of several important stakeholders in the real estate market of Marbella paid off with the sale of their luxury villa. From the naming to the digital campaigns, throughout the sales process we provided creativity and, most importantly, results.

  • Avrora Capital

    The design and installation of several signs for their office in Puerto Banús was the entry point to create synergies of cooperation with this real estate company.

  • Ayuntamiento de Benahavís

    We boosted the tourist image of Benahavís, their local companies and the services offered by the Council, becoming a key partner for the digital journey of Benahavís. The social media management in Facebook and Instagram, a powerful web platform or an almost handcrafted process for the creating of a street map are some of the areas where we contributed to make Benahavís more visible.

  • Ayuntamiento de Marbella

    We are proud to contribute to the growth of Marbella. Hand in hand with different councilors, we created great campaigns aimed to improve the visibility of the city: actions in the foreign department to foster the census registration, the strategy of an ambitious plan to attract high level talent, or promoting the food market and the local trade are some of the multiple actions done.

  • Baalbak

    To become one of the most emblematic restaurants in Puerto Banús, you need to create a good positioning campaign in the main streets of Banús. By means of a strategy with Infobox, we managed to signpost the restaurant, as well accompany them in several aspects of the graphic design and advertising.

  • Bang & Olufsen

    Several Infobox located in Puerto Banús are the perfect supplement for the signaling and advertising of Bang & Olufsen since the opening of their new showroom in the city. 

  • Beconfident

    We designed the packaging and the flyers of several products for this Swedish multinational company, which has been focused in entering in the Spanish market with a very technical design for their line of dental care products.

  • Belén Calleja Administradores

    We have been growing and working together since the beginning. Their service in property management has an impeccable reputation and is a reference amongst their peers for the way they communicate, which is both personal and professional.

  • Benalús

    Wonderful building enclosure work of 155 square meters of fencing of an exceptional quality, that blends with the surrounding of a new luxury real estate development that will be built right in the Marbella Golden Mile.

  • Bioammo

    Recently we heard the news of the amazing success of this Company thanks to a partnership with one of the most important companies of USA. It has been 10 years since we heard of this visionary project for developing biodegradable hunting, military, and airsoft ammunition cartridges. We created their brand, flyers catalogues, website and even stands for trade fairs, convinced that the idea would go far.

  • Bohr Administraciones

    For Bohr Administraciones we created their corporate image offering a comprehensive service. From the logo to their online presence we have positioned the Company as one of the leading property management companies in Marbella.

  • Breathe

    Brillant ideas tend to become lasting brands that people love. The fact that Breathe trusted Imagen for the creation of their online environment translated into a creative web solution with a highly technological part that has evolved and adapted with the times and the technical needs. We also recommended them advertising campaigns like brand positioning and signposting of the restaurant with the use of Lightbox and Infobox.

  • BSolís

    We have collaborated with Bsolis (previously Construcciones Bonifacio Solís), in their digital transformation process and their growth in the online environment, supporting them not only for the design of their website or to promote their activities in Marbella and Costa del Sol, but also in the creation of brands and advertising products for their business lines.

  • Buchinger Wilhelm

    One of the most exclusive clinics in Europe and an institution in Marbella, Buchinger Clinic contacted us to resolve a signposting problem that we resolved with the design and use of several Infobox in the area.

  • Built and Design

    A construction company specialised in building luxury villas in Marbella – San Pedro de Alcántara, that has been a loyal customer for the last 10 years. We worked with them in several projects, such as Perlas del mar o Atalaya 26. Both projects are now fully sold.

  • Bulthaup

    Golden Mile and Puerto Banús are the chosen areas for the advertising and signposting actions of Bulthaup Marbella. This campaign was focused on a specific target, a sophisticated clientèle that looks for the product that the brand offers – kitchens that combine excellence, technology and an exclusive design.

  • C de Casa

    How to announce in Estepona the opening of a new real estate agency with the experience of the old school real estate agents? This was the case of a group of real estate professionals that decided to bet for their own business idea. From the naming, the different sales pitch, the corporate image, flyers, signaling, etc., everything started in our office, with a coffee, a project and lots of work.

  • Calypso Travel

    Another 360º project, where we developed their corporate image doing a restyling of their logo to modernise it. We also developed an exhaustive website with tailored e-commerce over the basis of WordPress.

  • Carrefour

    In 2021 Carrefour expanded their shops in Marbella, and for all of them (6 in total), we managed the procurement of different mediums of advertising and signposting, having about 20 units in total.

  • Casa de Exim

    The import and export of products between the Arabic countries and Europe demanded a careful treatment of the brand and the communication. Afterwards, their introduction in the real estate market of Marbella set the basis of a Company that nowadays offers total guaranties in its sector.

  • Cerafino

    Cerafino is specialised in floorings and tiles in Costa del Sol, and their over 30 years of experience give them the knowledge to be a reference in innovation and design. With this premise, we designed a website based on their corporate color. With regards to the distribution of the elements, the images were the most important element. We created a gallery right at the beginning to show the type of product so the users could quickly identify the style they offer. The reminding sections of the website keep a style and distribution that are uniform but personalised, making the navigation simple and offering a quick access to the information. To improve the quality of the website and the experience with the brand, we added an internal area that works as an Intranet, where the main ceramic catalogues that they work with are hosted.

  • Cerom

    The oral aesthetic and rehabilitation center Cerom in Marbella needed a fresh look for their corporate identity. It was important to have an element in the logo that reminisced the sector, and in this case, we chose the smile, represented in a very subtle and minimalistic way.

  • Cesar Leyva Arquitectos

    For a firm of such a caliber as Cesar Leyva Arquitectos, it is key to use high-quality pictures to perfectly show their work, instead of big texts to describe them. The website is distributed in a clear and polished way to show easily all their projects.

  • Christie’s International

    Christie’s International Real Estate opted for Infobox y Lightbox to announce its subsidiary in Marbella. They used nothing less than 80 units distributed in the city, from Elviria to Guadalmina, and with presence in the most exclusive areas. Our consulting services are always in line to the philosophy of this emblematic firm.

  • Clínica del Río

    We have been working with Clínica del Río since their onset, over 10 years ago. From the establishment and positioning of their brand through their medical centers to the development of their online presence, we provide a 360º service that includes all aspects of communication, both internal and with their customers. Also, we supported their growth with outdoor advertising campaigns, using billboards, advertising buses and several urban furniture solutions.

  • Comoli

    One of the most trustworthy building companies in Málaga entrusted us an ambitious web project to display their construction power and the financial guarantee of an excellent group of companies.

  • Copa Davis

    This prestigious sport event, held in Marbella, was truly a challenge to Imagen. All the production and design of vinyls and signposting for the event was done in the agency in a record time. For this event, we designed canvases, scoreboard, credentials, press passes and outdoor advertising elements. Almost 240 graphic pieces that dressed this renowned event. Again, another success for Imagen!

  • Corsugo

    We did the naming, brand design and the packaging of five innovative sweets. What seemed to be the best job of the world – working for an manufacturer of sweeties – became an exciting creativity challenge that we genuinely enjoyed.

  • Cortijo Abril

    Cortijo Abril is a holiday rental “cortijo” that blends tradition with an elegant and renovated design. The first step in this project was to do a small rebranding of the logo. Secondly, we created a website with an embedded booking system. The content focuses on the essence of the building and the natural setting that surrounds it.

  • daBruno

    With almost 30 years in Marbella, this group of Italian restaurants, led by Bruno Filippone, brings innovation to its cuisine without forgetting their roots. We help them with outdoor advertising campaigns in buses, Infobox (advertising poles), and Lightbox (backlighted medium), to make them more visible.

  • Danespan

    Design and procurement of several standard format Infobox to signpost their showroom in Oasis Business Center.

  • DDSport

    The Number 1 company in the sports cars and high-end vehicles rental in Spain tasked us with their website design and the bespoke development of a powerful booking and administration system to manage bookings, CRM of clients, vehicles, billing, etc. A complex IT engineering challenge that we successfully resolved.

  • Destination Spain DMC

    We designed their brand, logo, web, and graphic advertising for this Company that does congresses and meetings organising in Costa del Sol. They are focused on the French speaking market.

  • Deutsche Schule Málaga

    When an institution excels in all areas, they can only trust in companies that guarantee excellent results. Our agency has been collaborating with the German School for almost 10 years, and we have conducted many advertising activities as well as the surveillance of the brand both in their internal and external communications. The design and layout of the yearbooks, the notebooks, the extracurricular activities, or the management of the social media are just a few examples of the work done with the School.

  • Diana Morales

    For three decades this real estate company from Marbella has been considered one of the most reputable in the area. If you want to invest or buy in Costa del Sol, Diana Morales has a portfolio of some of the most exclusive properties in Costa del Sol.

    And they have relied upon us to make them more visible 24/7 with lighted outdoor mediums in strategic areas: Lightbox.

  • Dinasol

    Dinasol is a mooring service in Puerto Banús with who we are doing some projects in the digital marketing field. We started with their logo and afterwards we designed their website. We blended the colors we chose for the brand image in the website design, and we combined them with spectacular pictures of the area where the company operates. The confluence of the elements evokes a service for the most exclusive clients that arrive to Puerto Banús with their yachts and want to spend a few days in the exclusive Golden Mile.

  • DOM3

    The website design for DOM3, a partnership between the most exclusive entrepreneurs in the luxury real estate development in Marbella, had multiple programming needs, the coordination of several languages and a huge amount of content.

  • Domar

    Domar was the culinary dream of the Michelin Star Oscar Velasco in Marbella. We helped them with the implementation of the online presence of the Company, designing and programming a website that paid tribute to their sophisticated dishes. Also, by means of an inbound strategy, mainly based in segmentation by email marketing, and the support of advertising campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook ADS, we managed to guarantee a fully booked restaurant.

  • Dreamlife Properties

    Hand in hand with this real estate development company, we helped with their new project Phoenix in Cala de Mijas. We designed the brand and a prestige catalogue that would support their sales department and a website with a highly interactive content.

  • DRN Radiología

    Design of the website for this radiology clinic in Marbella, with a web design completely auto manageable and adapted for all devices. The design was user-centered, and we also focused on a design strategy, finding a way to convey a personalised commitment.

  • Drumelia

    We have seen our mutual growth. When the concept Drumelia landed on the market, we put to work all our knowhow, creating the first version of their website, and supporting their campaigns with solutions and strategies of outdoor advertising. We are proud to see what this Company has become, a business that is a mirror for many others that they start today in the real estate market.


    Building company in Marbella with over 16 years of experience in Costa del Sol. We created an outdoor advertising campaign to make the brand more visible, using different mediums in Marbella.

  • El Corte Inglés

    We have been working with El Corte Inglés for several years. The signposting of their store in Puerto Banús was managed through Infobox and each season they do advertising in buses for occasional campaigns.

  • Elements

    After 22 months, the real estate development company has sold the 100% of their units, 52 apartments of 2 and 3 bedrooms in Marbella. We inherited a campaign that was not working, and we had to make it work. We worked on the commercial strategy of the development, after conducting a market and competitors research, with a 360º campaign that included the design of flyers and catalogues, website, landing page, social media campaign and Google Ads, and outdoor advertising activities. It was clear to us that one of the main targets would be the real estate agents, for whom we did multiple communication strategies. We also did the bespoke development of an Agent area, offering the real estate agents all the documentation they needed to boost the sales.

  • Engel & Völkers

    Engel & Völkers has a solid reputation in the area, although they started in Hamburg, Germany. They have over 40 years of experience in the brokerage of residential properties, commercial premises, yachts, and planes. With 1,000 locations, they have presence in 30 countries in five continents. Specifically in Marbella, they have over 30 urban furniture mediums and a super integral bus to announce their six offices in the area.

  • Essenza

    We designed their sales catalogue and the website for the real estate development La Alquería 26. An exclusive luxury villa located in La Alquería (Benahavís), with amazing views and an impressive interior design project done by Essenza Living.

  • Esteralis

    They came to us, as real estate marketing experts, to revamp their logo and website. Of course, the design could not be arbitrary: it should reflect the character of the service they offer. During the research process, we did a thorough briefing, to understand the essence of the brand and reflect it in the design.

  • Fantasia Kids

    We designed their online shop and modernised their logos. From here, we created a fresh and dynamic campaign directed to their target audience. The online shop was custom-made, doing integrations with the management system in real time. This way, the three physical stores connected and communicated constantly with the online shop.

  • Fernández Jardinería

    We started their project with a logo that strongly represents their brand in the different applications. The chosen color was, of course, green. The shade of this green color was selected to stand for the spirit of a young and dynamic company. On the other side, the shapes combine their initials and the form of a flower. Thanks to this combination, we reinforced the name of their brand that at the same time represents their industry.

  • Finest Stay Marbella

    Finest Stay wanted to radically change their website in order to modernise it and adapt it to all devices. With a bespoke programming and design, we have created an appealing and user-friendly website, 100% adapted to the needs of the client. One of the key features is the possibility for the user to select their properties, save them and get information about them.

  • Firce Capital

    This was the second real estate development for this investment fund from Luxembourg. Here we created the corporate image, brand and website for the development marketed by Engel & Völkers “La Fuente de Marbella,” a complex of 14 luxury villas located in the center of Marbella, that fully sold in 14 months. Some important milestones for this development were the design and production of an amazing perimeter enclosure and a website with high doses of interaction and design.

  • Floryplant

    Floryplant is a gardening and landscaping company with over 30 years of history. We designed their website, a platform with unique features, a custom design and, of course, a clean and creative graphic interface so the user has an easy experience 100% adapted to the needs of Floryplant.

  • Foem

    Foem is a brand created from scratch for a producer and distributor of an innovative manicure system. We needed to enter a very saturated professional market and to position the brand as a prestige product with premium quality.

  • Fugaro

    This family-owned business offers a range of men´s clothing with three stores in the best shopping areas of Marbella. We procured for them several outdoor mediums, urban furniture, and urban buses, making the design an added value to their brand.

  • Garmasa

    We created a brand identity for this real estate agency in Marbella, as well as their website, integrated with the MLS Resales platform and their own properties. We also designed vinyls and corporate image elements that currently give them great visibility in Marbella.

  • Gilmar

    This family-owned company has been working in Marbella since 1983 and has always bet for outdoor advertising to boost their brand image (billboards, Infobox, Lightbox and buses).

  • Grupo Mosh

    From 2016, Grupo Mosh has been evolving to become a reference in the leisure offer in Marbella, reinventing the concept of dinning out. We have been with them in each restaurant opening, offering solutions for the outdoor campaigns with billboards and urban furniture. 

  • Habitat

    Habitat is one of the main real estate developers and constructors in the country. We developed the master files that would serve as the design foundation for the online marketing of more than 50 new real estate developments. This included graphic ads, digital ads, and email templates that were later adapted to each of their real estate projects.

  • Healthouse Las Dunas

    A project where we had to demonstrate – once again – our ability to react quickly and work under extremely tight deadlines. While they were carrying out a renovation of their installations, we worked on their creative and we created commercial catalogs for the hotel, restaurant, and spa and menus for their choices of water, tea, and pillows. We also designed and produced all the internal and external signage for the hotel, display cabinets and windows, corporate identity elements and all the corporate stationary that a 5-star hotel requires. We also created ads for their services and products, as well as interior and exterior photoshoots.”

  • Heaven Marbella

    For this real estate development, we designed and programmed a landing page with all their information, photos, and contact details, simplifying the content but keeping the same quality standards that in any of our websites.

  • Iddomus

    We designed the company´s dossier, as well as an extensive promotional catalogue of a villa located in Marbella. Iddomus is known for building to excellent specifications and for an outstanding attention to detail. It was imperative to translate this excellence to the graphic image of the printed materials we worked on.

  • iHome Property

    iHome Property define themselves as a real estate company that makes their clients feel at home. In this occasion, we proposed a complete rebranding to modernise their image and match their look to their values and the service they provide. We used as a base a grayish light blue color related to the sky, which radiates calm and freshness, qualities that iHome identifies with.

  • Insur

    One of the strongest construction companies in the country. For them, we carried out a 360 strategy for their projects: Alminar de Marbella, Elements, Quintessence and Origin. We worked on the naming and brand design (catalogues, floor plans, building specifications dossier, flyers, pamphlets, etc.). We also designed and programmed different landing pages and websites for each development, as well as programming a specific area for real estate agents, so they can access detailed information about all the properties and the promotional material that helps them boost their sales. We also worked with them on the online strategy and on the execution of these campaigns.

  • InversHome

    A real estate website that offers information about all the advantages of buying or selling a property. A fast and functional system with property integration and jQuery system. In its design, the main color is orange and features icons that reinforce the reading and create a more visual platform.

  • Isabel Ferrándiz

    For the rebranding of Isabel Ferrándiz´ logo the first thing we did was changing the color. It was previously fuchsia pink, which transmits imagination and creativity, although is far from the qualities of the sector our client is dedicated to, which is Law. Instead, we chose blue, which gives a sense of security and trust, more in line with what they want to convey.

  • ISEA Calaceite

    We designed an online sales strategy for this real estate development located in Torrox Costa, Málaga. The target audience was very well defined, so we designed campaigns to capture the buying interest of audiences in Spain, France and the USA.

  • Jardines de Belón

    For their website, we created a design according to the values that this urbanization conveys and consistent with their corporate image, resulting in well-defined lines and simple navigation, and sections where the elements blend together harmoniously, highlighting impressive render images, nature, and specific information for each villa.

  • Jensen

    Over 70 years mastering the art of sleeping in Costa del Sol, and about 10 of those years working with Imagen for their outdoor advertising campaigns in Marbella, with several Infobox and Lightbox units strategically located in the main commercial areas of the city. 

  • Koala Bay

    This Alicante company sells clothes inspired in the Summer season and was born with the motto “Life is a holiday.” It has 37 shops in Spain and to reinforce its presence and be known in Costa del Sol, we put advertising in buses that went from Málaga to Estepona, relying on our creative team to design this campaign. 

  • La Cañada

    La Cañada is one of the leading shopping centers in Costa del Sol, with all kinds of shops, restaurants, and leisure options. We worked with them to design and provide bus advertising in Marbella.

  • La Fuente Marbella

    La Fuente is a unique real estate project in Marbella thanks to its location in the heart of the Golden Mile and its contemporary design that stands out for the use of high quality materials and premium features. For them we designed and structured their website, carrying out many user tests to polish every detail so that anyone who visits the site can intuitively understand it, without compromising its originality.

  • La Taberna fantástica

    La taberna fantástica is a Mediterranean restaurant in Benahavís. The owner commissioned us to create a campaign with two main goals: visibility and to increase the bookings. For this we used different channels and platforms, such as Google and Facebook Ads. It is crucial to deeply know the platforms. To know which audiences are in each platform is key to be able to create a compact strategy, and with this we were able to exceed all the goals of the campaign.

  • Laguna de Banús

    We designed the corporate image of this exclusive urbanization in Puerto Banús, their indoor and outdoor signposting, vehicle signaling, and the design of the staff uniforms amongst other things.

  • Laude School

    This international school in San Pedro de Alcántara-Marbella is one of the 30 best international schools in Spain. They follow the British curriculum and is the only one that offers the possibility to study Spanish ESO and Bachillerato. It has contracted several outdoor mediums to promote and communicate their learning plan and activities.

  • Les Roches

    We are proud of working with one of the best hotel management universities in the world. For Les Roches, we designed and managed the installation of advertising poles with a very concise route to direct the user from the entrance of Marbella to their facilities in Centro Comercial Le Village.

  • Linces San Pedro

    We managed and designed an outdoor advertising circuit of Infobox units, in San Pedro. About 30 units to announce this basketball club and promote the recruitment of future players. We also designed their website and social media presence, as well as multiple advertising activities to attract sponsors and players.

  • Lozano y Fraile

    We designed the corporate image and logo of this dental clinic in Málaga. We also produced and designed banners and vinyls for the clinic and for its shop window. We promoted the brand launch and the opening of their clinic through an outdoor advertising campaign with urban furniture and flyers.

  • LuxxoMed

    LuxxoMed is an aesthetic clinic that offers multiple treatments. For them we developed their website focusing on the correct distribution of the treatments. This is a website that is also easy to upgrade, as the innovation in this field demands to be aware of the latest developments in the industry.

  • Marbella Sky Corp

    The client wanted their logo to be inspired by Japanese strokes called “Shodo.” This was our starting point. The challenge was to create a logo that combined the elegance of a luxury real estate agency with the inspiration of the Japanese strokes. After some trials and drafts, the result was rather good. The logo manages to convey this elegance, evoking at the same time the Asian witting.

  • Marks & Spencer

    Mark & Spencer is a British multinational specialised in clothes, home products and food with stores in Marbella and Málaga. Their advertising campaign in buses was a great success to promote the opening of their new store right in the center of Málaga.

  • MAX Beach

    In this new project we worked to improve their website with an online booking system and the development of a bespoke CRM. Of course, without forgetting about the graphic and creative part, so the user has a pleasant experience and is able to easily book a table. This project stands out for its functional effectiveness and the design lines that mark the website.

  • MeandMyLife

    The website of Me&MyLife is an ambitious and comprehensive e-commerce project for jewelry and fashion accessories, fully done with customised programming. This website has an online shop and other sections where we can read stories associated to each of the bracelets they sell or even take part in an art contest.

  • Mercado La Villa

    For Mercado La Villa we wanted their new brand name to speak about tradition, authenticity, and roots, so the name had to have a strong link with the town of Estepona. After a thorough research about the town we choose Mercado La Villa, one of the aliases the town has and the street where the market is located. And the design of their logo was done based on the same qualities.

  • Mercadona

    We provided over 30 Infobox units to signal and advertise Mercadona and their supermarkets in San Pedro de Alcántara, Nueva Andalucía and Elviria.

  • Metrogrupo

    Metrogrupo offers all the culinary experiences that you can dream of in Costa del Sol. Jacks Smokehouse, Leone, Nomad and Chow Asian all have strong signposting through Infobox units in the main streets of Puerto Banús and Nueva Andalucía. 

  • MP Dunne Properties

    We designed and managed the procurement of several outdoor mediums for signaling the offices of MP Dunne in Marbella.

  • Muebles Gavira

    Another case of integral management for this leading furniture company in Casares Costa and Sotogrande. With the direct competition in Estepona of a company with the same name, we needed to differentiate the brand and position the company as a reference of quality, service, and premium products. We revamped the brand, making it more modern and setting up the basis of all further communications. We developed a user manual to ensure the future continuity of the brand image. We designed and labeled vehicles, which became the best advertising claim of the brand, and we made the route of the customers at the shop more organised and a smoother experience. Lastly, we also created their website and the online shop, collaborating with the company through the digital transformation process.

  • Museo Ralli

    Museo Ralli has been dedicated to the promotion of Latin American art in Marbella for over two decades, having one of the most important modern art collections in Costa del Sol. We choose Infobox in the Golden Mile area and MUPIs for the promotion of temporary exhibitions.

  • Nao Pool

    Nao Pool is one of the most exclusive pool clubs in Nueva Andalucía and Marbella. For their opening, they contacted us to solve the problem of signaling their location. We created possible routes with the client, and we designed and installed Infobox units in all the key areas.

  • Nexgen

    The process of creating the Nexgen logo required a total immersion into the complex universe of technology. A rewarding process where we have been able to experiment with an industry full of opportunities. To think about technology is to think about the future, about progress and discovery, and this is why the elements of the logo convey these feelings.

  • Nvoga Marbella Realty

    Nvoga is one of the leading real estate agencies in Costa del Sol, focused on the promotion, marketing and sale of new real estate projects. They rely on two billboards in La Cañada, and a circuit of 22 Lightbox units distributed between Ricardo Soriano and the promenade.

  • Olivia Valere

    Olivia Valere is an icon in the nightlife of Marbella, being one of the most renowned clubs in Europe. We designed for them an outdoor campaign taking into account their target audience, with presence in Golden Mile and Puerto Banús and a design that perfectly reflects the brand.

  • Paloma Gil

    For this web project we mainly focused on the user experience and the design. A simple and intuitive interface, always framing the qualities of the message conveyed – losing weight in a healthy way and informing the user about the professionals behind the brand, the Doctor Paloma Gil, Endocrinologist and Nutritionist.

  • Panorama Properties

    The oldest real estate agency in Marbella was also the first one that opted for outdoor advertising, with over 30 Lightbox and Infobox units. The offices of Panorama are in the famous Golden Mile of Marbella, one inside the popular Puente Romano Beach Resort and Spa and its headquarters in the emblematic Marbella Club Hotel.

  • Pedro Peña

    Pedro Peña is an expert in looking after the image of their customers and their own, and that is clear by the careful choice of their outdoor campaigns, using exceptionally located mediums, like a billboard in the area of La Alzambra, several Infobox units in Golden Mile and a MUPI close to their location. 

  • Perlas del Mar

    Perlas del Mar is a luxury urbanization of villas in San Pedro de Alcántara. Their digital marketing campaign consists of “Search” and “Display” campaigns. We started their campaigns with a full configuration in order to track each conversion and be able to build statistics to work from in the future. 

  • Puente Romano Beach Resort

    The prestigious and well-known Hotel Puente Romano relies on our outdoor advertising network (billboards, Infobox and Lightbox), to promote its over 15 restaurants, bars and nightlife, with a wide variety of options so everyone can enjoy a unique experience.

  • Ríos Espinosa

    Rios Espinosa is a tax consultancy company in Manilva, who commissioned us to upgrade their brand, created in 1985. This type of work can be tricky, because it is essential to upgrade the brand without losing its soul so those that know it can still identify it without any problems.

  • Solvilla

    Solvilla is a real estate developer and advisor in Marbella, selling and developing high quality properties in privileged locations, creating products with excellence always in mind. They chose Lightbox (lighted mediums) with over 80 units concentrated in the most prestigious area of Marbella, the Golden Mile, with a pure image campaign.

  • Strand Properties

    Strand Properties is a real estate business with an impeccable personalised service. They are design enthusiasts and always focus their visual communication to bring out the best of their properties. They now have lighted outdoor advertising mediums all over the streets of Marbella.

  • Supeco

    At the beginning of 2022, the low-cost supermarket Supeco arrived at Costa del Sol with stores in San Pedro and Estepona. To promote their opening, we helped them advertise in buses and signaling that was managed through several Infobox in the area.

  • The British School

    The British International School of Marbella launched in 2020 their new campus in Marbella, located in Nagüeles area and they entrusted us the management of their outdoor advertising. Taking into account their target audience, we chose a billboard in the area of La Cañada and the new installation of signaling poles in the roundabout of access to their premises.

  • Villa Alegra

    Design of their landing page, where it was crucial to convey the experience of the property, as this was the space where the potential clients would get in contact to book a visit. Managing to successfully showcase the essence of the property in the landing page meant the leads became of higher quality because they better knew the product from the beginning.

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